About Diamond Dogs Grooming Salon

We are a small family run home business and have opened in November 2016. We have built the Salon in our garden as a purpose built grooming salon.

It has been a long process but worth it. I have designed the salon so it is a calm, relaxed, stress free environment for your dogs so they have the best experience they can.

✔ We are compliant with the Animal Health and Welfare Act 2006.
✔ Our equipment is regularly PAT tested.
✔ We have trained qualified staff area and we are fully insured.

These are the 5 Animal needs and we provide them for your dogs in our care.

The need for a suitable environment.
We provide clean bedding in the disinfected holding crates. We also control the temperature in the room so in the summer we keep it cool and in the winter we keep it warm.

The need to exhibit normal behavior patterns.
We frequently take your dog out to go to the toilet in our enclosed, outside area. They have space to move around in the crates and we create a calm and relaxed environment so your dog does not become stressed.

The need for a suitable diet.
Your dog always has access to clean, fresh water. We do not provide food unless you advise us that your dog needs a meal while in our care or if it needs medication. (PLEASE NOTE: We will only feed your dog if you tell us your dog requires feeding.)

The need to be housed with, or apart from other animals.
We make sure your dog is put in its own crate unless you have more than one dog, then we can house them together. We have different size crates/containment areas to suit the needs of the dogs.

The need to be protected from pain, injury, suffering and disease.
Our salon is kept clean and disinfected. We follow hygiene procedures so the salon is a safe environment for your dog to avoid cross contamination.